It takes a lot of work, dedication and organization to put together such a meaningful and valuable
women’s health lecture program. These fine sponsors help bring everything to life and we appreciate
their contributions greatly. We would also like to thank our participating retailers for helping to
spread the word about the show in their fine local natural health food stores.

Natural Factors

Natural Factors is one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional products in North America bringing leading vitamins and supplements to the market since the 1950s. They are committed to making high quality products using the best quality raw materials possible, many coming straight from Natural Factors Farms™.

Preferred Nutrition

The Preferred Nutrition brand, as part of Assured Natural Distribution, encompasses products from Ultimate & Ultimate Vegan by Brad King, W. Gifford-Jones, MD, Dr. Whitaker, and the Preferred Nutrition line.  These lines are distinguished by their adherence to the highest standards of quality and convenience.


VegiDay offers bars, cereals, protein and snacks which are all organic, non-GMO, free of artificial colours and preservatives, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. VegiDay is part of a global community that encourages others to support a sustainable future in whatever way they can.

Whole Earth & Sea

Whole Earth & Sea formulas use Farm Fresh Factors and other whole food sources. They process nutrient-dense plants raw to create a vital bioenergetic blend vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Whole Earth & Sea products start with the best raw materials  – high-potency foods, with no synthetic pesticides used, and then gently harvest the whole plants by hand.


WomenSense® has a full line of women’s products found exclusively in health food stores or specialty pharmacies providing safe, multi-symptom relief of hormone imbalances resulting from stress, estrogen dominance, perimenopause, menopause and low thyroid.

Alpha Health

Alpha Health Products creates nutritious products that provide good fats, from good sources. Ethically sourced, fairly traded, and organic whenever possible, so that you can feel good about feeling good.

Alpha’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is certified Fair Dinkum Fair Trade and is hand-pressed directly from fresh coconuts in the Solomon Islands by island natives on their own family farms.


The Ultimate line is about improving lives, one body at a time, by correcting and maintaining metabolism. Effective nutrient supplementation can often be the missing piece to your metabolic puzzle. Their supplements and lifestyle recommendations  are designed to support and optimize metabolism at the cellular level, resulting in abundant energy, health and longevity.

Women’s Voice

Women’s Voice is committed to providing readers with real health solutions from real physicians. To ensure editorial excellence, Women’s Voice has assembled medical professionals who are dedicated experts and leaders in natural health to serve on the Women’s Voice Medical and Science Editorial Advisory Committee.


BioSil’s patented choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) is clinically proven to make genuine collagen regeneration a reality. BioSil™ “turns on” the body’s actual collagen-generating cells, known as fibroblasts. BioSil has been tested in rigorous double-blind placebo controlled trials for both efficacy and safety.

3 Brains

Balance your heart, brain, and gut for optimal mental health. There is an intricate communication network between the heart, the brain, and the gut. Together these three “brains” influence mental, emotional, and physical health. Three Brains supplements help maintain optimal brain health by supporting that critical relationship.


Healthy living, nutrition, family, friendships, balance and a passion for life are the inspirations behind the development of Sea-licious omega oils.

Sea-licious is a BC-based, family-owned company, run by husband and wife team, one a registered dietitian and mom-of-three, the other, a renowned naturopathic physician. Both are passionate about creating product sourced from the highest quality raw materials available, to in turn provide consumers with the results they’re looking for.